Score Videos

This section features performances of my works on video which follow the score as it is performed. I don’t have all my compositions here, but just some of the better performances, both live and sampled. I have organized the music chronologically with newer works at near the top. To search my compositions of music of a particular type or for a specific ensemble, you can search my publishers site or browse my website

Click on any of the works below to view a page with notes and videos.

SUITE FROM “EXISTENTIAL DOUBT” (2021)  for solo piano, 3 movements, 21 minutes


    • for solo cello and looper, 8 mins.


    for solo cello, 6 mins.

LOVE COUPLET (2020) for solo piano – 2 movements, 15 mins.

SERENADE IN ISOLATION (2020) for string orchestra and harp – 5 movements, 28 mins.

SUITE FROM “BRIDGE TO NOWHERE” (2017) for solo piano – 4 movements, 26 mins.

VISION QUEST (2002) for double bass and piano – 3 movements, 18 minutes

SONATA (1991) for cello and piano – 3 movements, 13 minutes

SEVEN LITTLE DUETS (1991) Studio duets for two double basses – 7 movements, 21 mins. (13 mins. w/o repeats)

TRIO (1983) for flute, viola, and piano – 4 movements, 27 mins.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT (1982) for violin, marimba, and piano – 3 movements, 22 mins

VISION BY THE LAKE (1980) for flute, viola, harp – 9 mins.

BRASS QUINTET (1979) for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba, 18 mins.

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